Bard Associates, a boutique, investment-led wealth management firm located in downtown Chicago, has actively served its clients with pride since 1982.

We believe that small, publicly traded companies offer unique investment opportunities. For more than forty years, we have researched and invested in thousands of such businesses.  We identify small companies with compelling services or products that we hope will become tomorrow’s big winners. We meet with management teams, read financial filings, listen to presentations and earnings calls, and speak with industry participants to help inform and guide our decisions. When we find an investment we like, we buy it and patiently hold, optimizing for long-term gains. We “invest right and sit tight.” We are investors, not traders.

Serving our clients goes beyond investing. We give our clients an organized view of their finances and create a plan to help accomplish their goals, whether that’s to buy a home, provide for their children’s education, or plan a fulfilling and comfortable retirement. We serve as a trusted advisor, offering analysis and perspective on various life decisions. And we help manage the day-to-day logistics of wealth stewardship, including cash management, and coordination with other advisors such as attorneys, accountants, lenders, and insurance professionals. We’re just a phone call or email away. 


Core Values


We take our role as your trusted financial advisor seriously. We strive to meet every interaction with care and professionalism. As a fee-only fiduciary, we act in your best interest. Unlike many other wealth and investment management firms, we are neither compensated for selling investment or insurance products nor constrained by a limited menu of investment choices.


We are experts in investing and wealth management. We understand how shareholder value is created and measured and search out the highest and best use for your capital. Then we monitor the risk and corporate performance of your underlying investments. We know how difficult it is to create wealth and believe your capital must be treated with care and respect. Finally, we are knowledgeable about tactics and strategies to effectively manage your money and achieve your goals.


When it comes to meeting financial goals, investors can be their own worst enemies. Markets are volatile and often provide an emotional roller coaster. As humans, we are all susceptible to the fear of missing out on the way up and the temptation to sell in despair on the way down. As your advisor, we help you stay the course and remain focused on the long run, so that you will stick with your plan, which is the path to success. Patience and independent thinking are important for investment success.

In addition, we are an advocate, a listening ear, and a sounding board as you contemplate life’s choices and opportunities.